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Asset and Vehicle Protection

SMS alert GPS Vehicle Tracking

Do you have control over your vehicles heavy machinery and mobile assets?

Valuable assets and vehicles that are stolen are often not recovered or badly damaged when found. With real time alerts many thefts can be avoided and the time to recover the stolen asset or vehicle can be shortened.

You can get an email or SMS alert when a vehicle is stolen and start tracking it in real time for fast recovery.

iPad and Android

Business value

You can take immediate action as you get an alert when an asset or vehicle is stolen or moved without permission. Tracking it in real time simplifies recovery and you can guide law enforcement vehicles to the stolen object.

You can save money by avoiding that the vehicle is lost or damaged. Customers that are using this type of alerts report that they feel more secure and that they now have tool to quickly recover stolen property. Insurance companies may also offer you better terms when you can track your valuable assets.

How does it work?

You define the area a vehicle is allowed to move within, such as a construction site. When a vehicle leaves the area you get an instant alert over email or SMS. You can define multiple recipients for the notifications and create different alerts for different groups of vehicles. You can also define the time span when the vehicle is allowed to be used.



Our SHOO feature (scheduled Hours of Operation) allows you to specify when your vehicle or asset is allowed to be in operation.  If the asset moves, starts up or vibrates outside of the authorized hours you can receive a notification by E-mail, SMS, and on your scheduled reports.  This feature helps to construct a time line and help to manage the security of you valuable assets.  If your equipment or vehicles should not be operating after hours, the SHOO feature is a great solution.

Alarm Monitoring

If you have an installed alarm in your vehicle, Unitracking GPS can monitor the alarm and send you a notification when it is tripped.  This is just one of many lines of defense when it comes to vehicle security.



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