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Tracking solution for Transportation companies

Many of our customers in the transportation industry use Unitracking GPS Server to lower the fleet usage cost and minimize the risk of theft and hijacking. Customers report big savings on fuel consumption, recovered vehicles and merchandise.

Business problems Transportation companies solve with Unitracking GPS

1. Need to minimize the risk of vehicle theft and stolen merchandise

The problem with stolen merchandise and hijacked vehicles is increasing for many transportation companies. Profit margins can quickly be turned into big losses if a heavy truck is stolen.

Solution: In Unitracking GPS Server you can get SOS alarms from the driver. The alarms can be displayed in a web interface or sent by SMS and email to supervisors. When an incident occurs the real time position of the stolen vehicle can be forwarded to a security company or the police in a light weight mobile phone interface. Unitracking GPS Server can also generate automatic alarms if a vehicle is leaving a pre defined area or if someone is tampering with the tracking device in the vehicle.

2. Need to lower the fleet usage cost

Fuel costs are increasing and it is expensive not to utilize the fleet and drivers optimally. Excessive speed is the largest single factor for increased fuel consumption. The simple solution for better fuel economy is to keep vehicle speed below 60 mph and eliminate all non-essential stops. A general rule of thumb for a heavy truck is that every mph increase above 50 mph reduces fuel mileage by 0.1 miles per Gallon.

Solution: In Unitracking GPS Server you can create real time alarms if vehicles breach a maximum speed limit defined by company policy. You can also generate reports about the fuel consumption over time. With an accelerometer installed in the tracking device you can report on harsh acceleration and breaking. Unitracking GPS Server can also identify idle time and help to avoid non-essential stops. Alarms can be generated in real time and they can be sent as SMS, email or in usage reports.

3. Need to know when a transport will arrive

It is common for transportation companies to work under tight schedules to fully utilize the fleet. In scenarios where the end customers are expecting the delivery a given time a delay is frustrating and often connected with penalties for the transportation company. Regular customers for transport companies often require historical information about shipment arrivals, the time to load and the time to get to the destination.

Solution: With Unitracking GPS Server a fleet manager can directly answer a calling customer about the location of a transport. The time of arrival can also be estimated more accurate. By uploading all regular customer addresses to to Unitracking GPS Server its possible to generate reports of when vehicles have visited a customer and how long time was used for loading.

4. Need to assign the most suitable vehicle for new urgent transport

When a pick up has to be done right away it is important to assign a vehicle that is close and suitable for the job.

Solution: In Unitracking GPS Server you can group vehicles so that you quickly find the type of vehicle that can perform the job. The distance to the pick up is displayed for all vehicles so it is an easy task to see what vehicle is best suited for the job. Future transport assignments can be scheduled for a driver that also can get a printed job schedule for each day.



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