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Competive Cost Police tracking solution

Unitracking GPS Server is used by many Police customers for real time tracking and dispatching. Below is a description of the main reasons why Police organizations use Unitracking GPS Server as their web based real time tracking and dispatching platform.

Business problems Police customers solve with Unitracking GPS

1. Need for real time fleet overview and effective dispatch solution

Police customers want to have a real time overview of their vehicle fleet and quickly assign the most suitable vehicle to an incident.

Solution: In Unitracking GPS Server Police customers can see all their vehicles in real time on a map. Often they group vehicles so that they can easily find the closest vehicle that is suitable to take care of an incident. In the Dispatch Plugin operators can enter the incidents and assign the closest vehicle to an incident.

2. Need to meet budget constraints and improve productivity

Police customers are often under budget constraints and they are looking for a tracking solution that can fit within their budget. The initial installation process must be simple and the total cost of running the solution must be low.

Solution: Installing Unitracking GPS Server is straight forward and the cost running the system is low. Unitracking GPS Server is available as perpetual (one time charge) licenses without monthly/yearly fees. Unitracking GPS Server can also be used with many map options so there is no need for expensive map providers.

3. Need for In-house tracking server for security reasons

Police customers are naturally concerned about their data and often want to run their servers in-house on secure networks. Because of these requirements the customers want the solution to be easy to deploy.

Solution: Unitracking GPS Server installation is well documented and it can easily be installed in-house. Unitracking GPS Server can run inside firewalls on private networks if required.  Contact us for an inhouse solution

4. Need for sharing GPS information between several applications in vehicle laptops

Many Police customers have laptops in their vehicles. They often need to use GPS data in several applications at the same time. They also want to leverage their investments in laptops, GPS devices and network connectivity and use what they already have installed in the vehicles.

Solution: The Unitracking GPS Standard client for Windows is splitting the GPS position to multiple applications on the vehicle mounted laptop. The client also sends the real time position data to Unitracking GPS Server for real time GPS tracking.

5. Bait Car Programs 

Many Police agencies ere tasked with reduction or vehicle theft strategies.  Unitracking can help to facilitate positive results to catch criminals in action with auto theft.



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