GPS based Vehicle Tracking. Tracki monitor and control your car over the internet


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Unitracking GPS Tracking Solutions

Here are some examples of business solutions running on Unitracking GPS Server. Multiple solutions can easily be combined to your needs as they are all part of the same Unitracking GPS Server platform.  We have many solutions so please don't hesitate to contact s for your needs.

Tracking for Family Vehicles

Vehicle tracking for your family vehicles offers GPS location tracking, theft recovery, alarm monitoring, speed monitoring, door unlock, ignition disable and vehicle statistics on how the vehicle is performing. Family safety knowing where your loved ones are and knowing they are safe goes a long way.  Having Unitracking on your side gives you peace of mind

Financial Companies Sub Prime Recovery

Bad things happen to good people. In some cases financing a vehicle or other mobile asset is near impossible with challenged credit.  Finance companies can secure and protect assets and give people a chance to rebuild credit where they wouldn't otherwise be able to make a purchase.  It is much easier to grant credit when you can reduce the risk.

Tracking for Transportation companies

Many of our customers in the transportation industry use Unitracking GPS Server to lower the fleet usage cost and minimize the risk of theft and hijacking. Customers report big savings on fuel consumption, recovered vehicles and merchandise.

Tracking and dispatch for Utility Companies

Unitracking GPS Server is helping many service companies and Utility organizations to dispatch their vehicles in an optimal way. Customers report cost savings and increased service levels for selecting the most appropriate vehicle for service and repair assignments.

Real time GPS tracking for Car rental companies

Car rental companies use Unitracking GPS Server to increase service level and decrease risk and cost.

Low cost Police tracking

Below is a description of the main reasons why Police organizations use Unitracking GPS Server as their web based real time tracking and dispatching platform.

Tracking and dispatch solution for Taxi Companies

There are many Taxi companies using Unitracking GPS server. Taxi companies report that their customers get less waiting time and that the Taxi fleet has less time without a customers in the taxi.

Visual Dispatch

Unitracking GPS Vehicle Tracker helps you to quickly locate the closest available vehicle for an assignment. This minimizes unnecessary driving and lowers the time to complete assignments.

Fleet Usage Reporting

Unitracking GPS VehicleTracker keeps track of how the vehicles are used so that you can look back at the status and the position of each vehicle at any point in time.

Real Time Fleet View

Follow your vehicles and assets on a map with updated position, speed and vehicle status information. Configure real time alerts over email and SMS for unexpected vehicle usage.

Asset and Vehicle Protection

Get an email or SMS alert when an asset or vehicle is stolen or used outside approved working hours. Track it in real time from your mobile phone or smart device for fast recovery.



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