GPS based Vehicle Tracking. Tracki monitor and control your car over the internet


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UniTracking is available for cars, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft, heavy equipment, mobile assets, stationary assets and construction trailers. Contact us now for further information or click here.   If you have a specialty application please contact us directly and we will do our best to provide a solution that works for you.

Fleet Management  Right Arrow More

Knowing where your company vehicles and mobile assets are and how they are being used can save you money.  Detection and reporting of vehicle disposition and movements will give you better control of your vehicles and employees.

  • Location tracking

  • Fuel Level monitoring

  • Geo-Gate Billing application. Arrival, departure, time on site or service location reporting

  • Job Site time billing / reporting / time in time out billable products or service.

  • Multiple notification capabilities and hard reporting

  • Excessive Idle time

  • Vehicle Abuse (Harsh acceleration braking and turning and rollover detection/reporting

  • Managing maintenance schedules

  • Speed detection

  • PTO Operation

  • Moonlighting Detection

  • Closest to Customer Location

  • Time Card Verification

  • Dispatch Management

  • Geo-Fencing tracking

  • Alarm Monitoring & Notification

  • Multiple Inputs and outputs for custom monitoring and reporting (Door open, locking alarm activation detetion reporting.

  • door lock & uunlock

Consumer, and Commercial Applications  Right Arrow More

The UniTracking Vehicle Location Unit enhances conventional vehicle security and convenience by extending the operational range of alarm systems. Telematics affords private vehicle owners as well as commercial fleets, the ability to affordably monitor and control their vehicle alarms, and vehicle functions. UniTracking VTU location products can be installed in vehicles without alarms providing real-time vehicle shut down, and recovery anywhere in North America and around the world where cellular phone service exists. 

The flexibility of the UniTracking system allows for deployment on many types of assets, not just vehicles.  If you need to track, monitor or control your equipment UniTracking will probably have the solution, or be able to design a special application for your needs.

  • Alarm Monitoring and reporting

  • Door Lock & Unlock

  • Speed, harsh braking and acceleration detection

  • Location tracking

  • speed detection

  • Geo-Fence perimeter breach detection

  • Authorized hours detection know when vehicle is being used when not autorized,

  • Movement detection

  • ignition on reporting by SMS and email

  • Full custom reporting included

Vehicle Security  Right Arrow More

By notifying the owner by e-mail, and high speed cellular SMS text messaging within moments of the actual security threat, you will be able to electronically intervene and possibly stop the theft before any significant damage is done to your vehicle or mobile assets.

Like your home alarm system the UniTracking VTU is a monitoring device, and more important a control and tracking device.  By monitoring your vehicle alarm, and informing you of a security threat this will enable you to get security, or the police involved if your vehicle or asset is stolen or under threat.  You have the ability to track the geographic location, and immobilize the vehicle for quick recovery.

Family Safety  Right Arrow More

Knowing where your family member is when they haven't returned home on time gives you peace of mind.  Many situations can become extremely dangerous particularly in bad weather or traveling.  Seniors with early onset dementia can become confused or even lost in some circumstances.  As a care giver or family member  you again have peace of mind knowing you can track family members from point to point and add a layer of protection to ensure they arrive safely.

New drivers in your family may need some supervision to monitor speeding and location until they increase skill and responsibility.  Knowing you can monitor them will help to reduce the risk of injury, potential damages and liability as a result of an accident.  As a parent you have a responsibility to ensure safe operation of your vehicle.

Speed Monitoring for Drivers  Right Arrow More

For more information on the many possibilities of the Unitracking system please contact us or download one of our product brochures



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