GPS based Vehicle Tracking. Tracki monitor and control your car over the internet


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Online Demo

To see a real time demonstration of how the Unitracking system works, Please contact us directly for a temporary username, and password.  We can be contacted during regular business hours or clicking on the "Contact Us" link above.

System Capabilities

UniTracking is available for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATV's, Mobile Construction Trailers mobile assets, people and pet traqcking.  Please contact us for your particular needs.

The following information will give you a general idea of how the UniTracking system works. You will see all of the  capabilities of the full feature unit.  For an actual real time live demonstration, please contact one of our associates directly by clicking here.

To download our current brochure click on the Product Brochures link or click here now.

Asset Tracking:

On the tracking screen you will see the last known position of the vehicle.  On this particular screen you will see a small red icon that looks like a push pin The icon shows the position of the vehicle based on the last position request. 

You may see a larger circle with transparent red around the vehicle position. This is called a geo-fence.  This geo-fence can be turned on or off as needed.  Accuracy of this position is typically within 4-8 meters.

With the geo-fence turned on, you will receive a notification every time the vehice enters or exits the fence.  Notifications can be sent to your cell phone, or e-mail address when this happens.  In addition the action can be logged to a report.

Updating Position

To update the position of the vehicle, click on the "Request Locate"  by clicking on the Commands pop out screen to the left of the Screen.  A window will pop up confirming your request.  This should take about 10-30 seconds to complete the position update.

Address Location

To get a location address simply place your mouse over the green location dot on the map.  this will trigger a pop up window with the address location of your vehicle or mobile asset.  This is what we call "Reverse Geo Coding"

ALARM MONITORING: UniTracking has the ability to Monitor your vehicle Alarm and notify you when its been tripped.  This is especially Important when you can't hear your alarm or you page alarm key fob is out of range.  As an option we can have our 24/7 live call center monitor your alarm and track the vehicle if stolen.  You can also request a live operator contact you at your designated phone number listed on the system.

ELECTRONIC NIGHT WATCHMAN:  The Electronic Night watchman allows you to set unauthorized hours of operation for your vehicle.  If the vehicle is moved during those hours, you will receive a notification of the security threat.  this is especially valuable with construction equipment or construction trailers that should not be moving at night.

Disable Starter: The starter disable command will prevent the vehicle’s engine from starting by interrupting the starter circuit if so equipped and connected. This means you can interrupt the starter so that when the vehicle is in a safe parked position your starter will be disconnected and unable to start the vehicle. The vehicle will not restart until a second command is sent to reconnect the starter.

Set geo-fence: This command allows you to set up a invisible electronic fence around your vehicle. The Geo-Fence will give you the ability to know when the vehicle has entered or exited the electronic fence. This would be used to detect when a piece of equipment goes outside a construction site,  to protect a vehicle in storage or notify you when a vehicle arrives at a location or breaches a perimiter. Other applications would be for rental car companies or equipment rental companies that need to track geographic perimeter breaches as well as parents needing to know when a family member breaches a particular geographic area.


Auto Reporting 1 min to 24 hours: These commands allow you to set the tracking device to report its location as little as every minute to any setting you require.

Speed Trap reporting 45 - 150  MPH:  This function is used to set your desired threshold for over speed reporting.  By selecting your speed threshold the system will report any violations over the pre set limit.  In addition you can receive notification of this violation to your email or cellular phone.


If you have multiple vehicles on the system, you can send position requests to all vehicles at the same time, Set Night Watchman, or Speed Threshold reporting. As an alternative you can customize each device by clicking on each individual device and making appropriate changes.


SMS High Speed Messaging & Notification to your Cellular Phone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or other wireless device can be achieved by activating SMS messaging with your cellular carrier.

Typically an SMS message is sent from your cellular carrier in a similar email type format. Contact your cellular provider to find out what your SMS protocol should be.  Normally it will be your 10 digit cellular number followed by the @ symbol then txt.your

SMS message addresses are formatted similar to an email address. Here are some examples from different cell carriers.  You should contact your cellular provider for the correct format.


With unitracking an app is available for most smart phone and apple I-pads.  No linger are you tied to you desk or need a pc.

Mobile application for vehicle tracking management

Rogers AT&T

AT&T Wireless





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