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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unitracking Available for Fleet Applications ?
How much does the UniTracking system cost. ?
What does the UniTracking system look like ?
What makes UniTracking  different from other options on the market ?
I have an immobilizer on my vehicle.  Why do I need the UniTracking  ?
Can I have the UniTracking  installed on my Motorcycle, ATV Watercraft ?
Where can I buy or have UniTracking  installed ?
My vehicle is insured for theft, why do I need a UniTracking system ?
Will I get a discount on my Insurance ?
I have an alarm, what's the difference. ?
What is Geo-Fencing ?
Is UniTracking  for auto theft only ?
What areas of coverage does the UniTracking unit work in ?
How will I know if the vehicle or asset security has been breached?

What alarm systems are compatible with Unitracking?
How can I steal a vehicle from a car dealership (Delaer Reality Check)


National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) Layered approach to vehicle theft click here


Is Unitracking Available for Fleet Applications

Unitracking is available for Fleet applications with over 60 different features and capabilities. We offer standard GPS functions, right up to multiple monitoring, dispatch, fuel management, and vehicle disposition reporting and control.  Chances are very good that we have an application to suit your needs.

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How much does the UniTracking GPS service product cost. ?

There are a few factors that make up the acquisition details for the product.  Due to the fact we have significant flexibility with the configuration and many types of vehicles there is not one specific price.  All units are custom to each application. For a comprehensive quote outlining all possible costs please click on the "Contact Us" link to your left, or click here.   Our online store list all of our devices, and monitoring packages available.  Click the link above.

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What does the UniTracking product look like ?

Our online store list all available products and a brief description of them and the application.  For security purposes we suggest you don't disclose that you have a tracking system on your vehicle or asset unless required by law.  When the system is installed by authorized installers we require they keep the security of the product confidential. We even ask our installers not to disclose where or how the unit is installed. 

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What makes UniTracking systems different from other competitors on the market ?

There are a few critical factors that make up the acquisition and deployment of a GPS Tracking System.  We listen to our customers and provide what they need instead of one shoe fits all approach.  We will listen and work with you to make sure we cover all concerns.

  • Equipment Cost

What you pay for the hardware is directly associated with the monthly subscription you pay.  Much like the cellular phone industry we have systems that are zero cost for equipment based on your monthly airtime subscription.  It is our goal to provide you with a program that meets your budget and needs.

  • Airtime monthly/annual cost

Airtime costs with Unitracking are optional.  Your purpose for GPS tracking may not require a monthly fee but rather a fee per use.  We can offer flexibility and provide plans to suit your needs.

  • System Flexibility

We can offer simple "DOT ON MAP" location tracking right up to full fleet management, dispatch, and driver monitoring for one

  • Server Capability

The backend server is the most critical part of the service.  Over and above equipment cost, subscription fees the server pack is what makes the difference.  If your provider can't supply you with the details then you might consider another GPS tracking provider.  We hope Unitracking is your choice and here's why.


Multiple Redundant Highspeed servers Including but not limited to:


  • Mutiple high speed processors in each server

  • Mutiple Terra Byte (TB) drives on each server with Raid High redundancy

  • Multiple Geographic locations in secure environments

  • UPS Backup with fail over to generator power

  • Air conditioned server rooms with daily and raid backups.

UniTracking GPS is a vehicle alarm monitoring system and GPS tracking device with the ability to notify the vehicle owner of any security threat. The system is based on stopping the theft, or break and enter before significant damage is done to the vehicle.  UniTracking is a prevention unit rather than a after the fact recovery system. 

Although UniTracking GPS can track a vehicle over the internet and recover a vehicle after it has been stolen it is focused on stopping the crime before it occurs, and reducing losses with early detection capability. 

A vehicle is stolen on average every 25 seconds in the Unites states. Three times that many are broken into causing significant damage and loss of property.  Unitracking covers both problems by letting you know when the alarm is activated and secondly giving you remote control capability and GPS tracking over the internet.

UniTracking GPS is the first line of defense, and the last line of defense.  UniTracking GPS uses Global Positioning Satellite technology combined with wide area cellular phone technology and the Internet to monitor, track and control your vehicle.  This combination gives you coverage virtually anywhere cellular service exists. Get notification of alarm activation, shut off your starter and track your vehicle over the internet covers most concerns people have when it comes to security of their vehicle.

Don't be fooled by radio transmitter jack type systems that have limited coverage and try to track your vehicle after it has been stolen. Get the UniTracking system that gives you the ability to track your vehicle over the internet with the best available coverage in North America.

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I have an immobilizer on my vehicle.  Why do I need the UniTracking GPS ?

An immobilizer is generally controlled by the key in your ignition on most manufacturer installed systems, or by a remote key fob or radio device attached to your key chain.  In some cases it is a feature of many after market alarm systems.  If someone gets possession of your keys they may be able to start and drive your vehicle away. 

With UniTracking GPS, you can interrupt the starter so that the vehicle will not start even if the thief has your keys or remote entry control. UniTracking Ignition interrupt can be activated by logging into our Internet control system. 

In a situation where you drop or loose your keys in a public parking garage, it is easy for the thief to walk around the garage pushing the panic button on your remote key fob.  By doing this, they are able to determine which vehicle belongs to you and simply drive it away. UniTracking GPS is a second line of defense in the event you loose your keys.

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Can I have the UniTracking GPS installed on my motorcycle ?

"YES" the UniTracking GPS can be installed on a motorcycle ATV, Boat watercraft and snowmobile.  We recommend that the unit must be hidden.  We have some strategic locations that our installers are aware of that allows installation on most motorcycles, ATV"s and watercraft.

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Where can I buy or have UniTracking GPS installed ?

UniTracking GPS can be purchased direct from us or our authorized dealers and affiliates.  you can place an order by calling our toll free order line at 1-800-939.8891. 

Installation can be performed by one of our national affiliate installers, or by most quality 12 volt installation shops such as stereo, security, or electronics radio shops.  We will work directly with an APPROVED installer in your area to ensure a quality secure installation. We are always updating our Installed data base.  please click here to find an installer in your area or contact us directly.

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My vehicle is insured for theft, why do I need a UniTracking GPS unit ?

As most people insure their vehicle for theft, it's more often than not that the money you receive for a total loss claim may be considerably less than expected.  Insurance companies pay out what they feel is market value and not what you may have invested in your vehicle.  The inconvenience and added expense when you have to rent a car to carry on business, or get to work can add up quickly especially if you insurance company doesn't cover the cost. By having a monitoring and tracking unit, you can stop the crime before significant damage is done to your vehicle and maintain a quick recovery.

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Will I get a discount on my Insurance ?

"Yes" and "No"  Many insurance companies have different terms and conditions.  You should check with your insurance provider for details.

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I have an alarm, what's the difference. ?

Most people ignore your alarm when it goes off, and many times it can be bypassed by a seasoned thief or tow truck type theft.  By having a monitoring, and tracking notification unit you will be notified quickly of any attempt to steal or tow your vehicle.  If the thief is able to bypass your alarm you can track, control, and recover your vehicle before further damage is done.  You will be notified quickly if your alarm is triggered.  Its recommended you have a few levels of defense to protect your vehicle from theft, tampering, and towing.

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What is Geo-Fencing ?

Since you may not always be able to hear your auto alarm, Geo- Fencing allows you to set up an electronic fence around your vehicle. If it's towed or moved outside the fence you will be notified.  You can then track it and recover it quickly.

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Is UniTracking GPS for auto theft only ?

No ! You can use the tracking unit to determine where your vehicle is for any reason.   It can also be used for commercial fleet applications so a company can monitor, and control  it's fleet of vehicles.  The Tracking unit can be installed on virtually any asset such as tractor trailers, motorcycle, ATV, Boat or valuable freight containers.  We even have customers that have installed these units on construction trailers to protect tools after hours from theft. Applications are virtually endless.

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What areas of coverage does the UniTracking unit work in ?

Since the unit works on the GPS  (Global Positioning Satellite) System your coverage is virtually unlimited.  Coverage is based on the cellular coverage areas.  If you are in an area where there is cellular phone coverage, you will have coverage for the UniTracking system.  Please take note that you don't need  a second cellular phone subscription to use the UnTracking product.  Please check our coverage map section for North America and around the world.

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How will I know if the vehicle or asset security has been breached ?

The UniTracking GPS integrates with all alarm systems.  The tracking device can be used to detect an alarm trip or activation and notify you of the security threat.  If you don't have an alarm the tracking device can monitor an invisible geo fence, motion or movement and notify you of the threat.  For best performance it is recommended you have an alarm system and multiple layers of defence.

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What alarm System are Compatible with Unitracking GPS

The UniTracking system utilizes movement detection and geo-fencing to monitor the vehicle.  Unitracking is compatible with all alarm systems and can provide notification of a security threat based on the alarm being activated.  We have additions features to provide a comprehensive security approach for all your mobile assets. detection of vibration, unauthorized movement during specific times of the day, and ignition sensing are just a few levels of protection. The system is designed to notify you by phone, high speed SMS messaging to your cellular phone or email.

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Why Car Dealers Lose vehicles due to poor security

Car Dealers try to secure keys for vehicles in the lot and show room.  Unfortunately they get left on desks and in the open by sales reps and staff.  If these keys have a key fob it makes it easy to steal the vehicle. For a large busy dealer the vehicle can disappear in seconds. Simply click the panic button on the remote to find the vehicle in the lot.  (remember no one pays attention to an alarm going off)




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