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How UniTracking GPS  functions:

The flexibility of the UniTracking product allows for tracking and control of many types of mobile assets over the Internet, with PC, smart phone or tablet. You can track just about any mobile asset including a car, trucks, motorcycle, ATV, boat, trailers and equipment like welders, Pumps and Generators and enclosed trailers.


Coverage is based on the wide area cellular data grid. This simply means you will have coverage anywhere cellular service exists in North America including Canada and Puerto Rico and Hawaii and around the world.  With the widest coverage on the market you can be sure you will be able to track your vehicle  or mobile assets across the globe.

There are two technologies in play with the Unitracking System.  The first is the ability to track the vehicle or asset utilizing Global Positioning Satellites (GPS).

Global Position, Speed Velocity, Time (PVT) and vehicle data are transmitted over the Digital Cellular network back to our servers and stored in your account for viewing

located in our secure Network Operations Center (NOC).  The information transmitted from the tracking device is disseminated and stored in your private confidential account.  The position information is available by logging into your account from an internet enable computer anywhere in the world.  The data is cross referenced on a street level map for viewing. The positioning information provided is cross reference to the closest geographic address and displayed in residential / commercial address format

Other data such as alarm activation, speed violations, Vehicle Tilting, Geo-Fence Violation and vehicle status and performance data are available.

Information such as alarm activation, speeding, Geo-fence violation, unauthorized movement is processed immediately in order to send you a  notification and let you know they may be a security threat.  These notifications are what we call "Notification and Report Capabilities".

Unitracking GPS has the ability to integrate the GPS tracking system with your existing vehicle alarm or provide alarm features to let you know when someone is tampering with your vehicle or mobile asset. This allows you to detect the security threat before the vehicle is driven away and gives you the ability to track the vehicle over the internet. Other features such as starter disable, remote door locking, unlocking and remote start allow you to manage your vehicle from vast distances through the Internet and over the wide area cellular data network. The following information covers our full featured system with options to custom configure for your particular application.  The following information is for reference only.  Features and capabilities may not be available on all units.

UniTracking is available for cars, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft, heavy equipment, mobile assets and construction trailers.  Contact us now for further information.

For a real time demonstration of the UniTracking product please contact us or click on the demo link.

How Unitracking Works

How the Unitracking GPS Can Work For You.

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Tracking of your vehicle can be done through the internet interface.  As figure 1.1 above indicates, you will see the position of your vehicle after you complete a location request.  You can display just one vehicle or as many as you require in your fleet.  You will have the ability to zoom in and out on the map and see a display indicating the address information of each vehicle.  Accuracy of the location data is  10 -30 feet.

Remote Control Functions:

  • Real Time GPS Location Request

  • Door Unlock/Unlock

  • Starter Disable and Enable

  • Geographic-Fencing (No Go Zones)

  • Automatic Position Reporting based on time or distance.

  • Speeding Detection and reporting

Control functions of the Tracking system allow you to lock and unlock doors, interrupt the starter, remote start the vehicle or set reporting functions like geo-fence violations.  Other applications for the control feature will allow starting of remote located vehicles, machinery such as Generators or refrigeration systems.  What ever your application, its likely we have already encountered the challenge.

Notification and Event Notification Capabilities:

  • Real Time GPS Position Report

  • Alarm Trigger Report

  • Battery Disconnect Sensing (Power Cut)

  • Automatic Position Reporting

  • Low Battery Notification

  • Geo-Fence Violation Notification

  • Excessive Speed Notification

When a particular event occurs such as an alarm activation tilting of the vehicle, low battery, Excessive Speed, the UniTracking system will notify you of this situation so you can take action. Notification can be sent through email, or high speed short message (SMS) sent to your cell phone.

Vehicle and Asset Theft

To really stress auto theft is not a victimless crime there are many issues including insurance costs, policing costs, financial loss to vehicle owners, and victims of the crime including death of individuals.  We offer this footage from to really drive the message home.

The long held notion that "if a thief really wants to steal your car there’s nothing you can do" leaves many vehicle owners disheartened, asking themselves, "Does anything really work, what can I do"? Many forms of anti-theft systems from steering wheel locks to siren systems have made vain promises of vehicle protection but lack the ability to monitor the vehicle, and  to "fight back". While a motor vehicle represents a person’s second largest expense next to their home, its nice to know there is an affordable vehicle security approach that promises maximum protection and safety.  The Unitracking GPS is the answer to reducing your risk of auto theft, and damage to your vehicle from break and enter attempts to outright theft.

By using the government’s Global Positioning System (GPS), Unitracking GPS's vehicle  monitoring, and location products provide you with the ability to monitor your vehicle from a remote safe location.  Like your home alarm, without monitoring capability you may find the system less effective.  Unitracking GPS bridges the gap and provides you with the ability to know when there is a security threat against you vehicle, and notifies you so you can take appropriate action.

Unitracking GPS's 24/7 service provides automatic stolen vehicle recovery service to subscription customers the moment the attempted theft, or security threat occurs. By connecting to the vehicle’s factory-installed or aftermarket alarm, Unitracking GPS alerts the vehicle owner by phone, SMS cellular messaging, and e-mail within moments after the security system has been breached.  The idea is to stop the threat in progress before the thief drives off with your vehicle.

When you receive notification of the threat, you can verify the situation from a safe distance and contact police to investigate and attend the crime in progress.  This will ensure reduced risk of damage and quick action so your vehicle isn't driven away.

You will have the ability to track your vehicle over the internet and control functions on your vehicle such as interrupting the vehicle starter. By having this control the vehicle will not start.  Much like an ignition disable device Unitracking GPS gives you remote control capability to deactivate the starter if someone has control of your keys.

The system can even be used in vehicles without alarms providing real-time stolen vehicle recovery virtually anywhere in North America where cellular service exists.


Consumer Programs:

The Unitracking GPS also has the added benefit of controlling the vehicle using the Internet as a remote control device.  Various control features can be integrated with an existing or aftermarket alarm to notify you when a function of your alarm has been breached.  Additional control features allow you to lock, and unlock doors, sound the horn and lights, Remote Start the engine on cold days, provide side, impact notification. Vehicle control monitoring subscription plans start as low as $60.00 USD per year including activation. The basic subscription plan includes up to 20 transactions per month for basic monitoring.

Fleet Programs:

Imagine being able to see a whole fleet of vehicles or just one very important vehicle "your own" while you’re sitting in front of a computer at your office or home or mobile. The Unitracking GPS takes advantage of the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and combines it with telematics to provide an economical and easy to use system for vehicle tracking.

The Unitracking GPS can be used in areas where traditional tracking is unavailable such as rural and suburban areas. The Unitracking GPS  has a wide range of applications but is most suitable for personal security, precious cargo tracking, and public safety; where up to the minute real-time tracking is essential

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